Younger Volvo Cars Hagerstown

New Volvo Showroom and Service Reception Drive built for Younger Motorcars in Hagerstown. Approximately 3000 square foot was added to the existing Younger Used Cars building for the Volvo Dealership.

Conventional steel construction was used for this addition. ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) panels and Dryvit used on the exterior. Showroom includes Volvo’s “Living Room” concept for the Customer Lounge which has unique, high-quality finishes creating a comfortable space.

Volvo Showroom

Volvo Showroom with “Living Room” Customer Lounge in the background.

Showroom offers a space for customers to work while they wait when having vehicle serviced.

“Living Room” Customers Lounge with Sales Offices in the background.

A comfortable place for Customers to relax while waiting for their Volvo being serviced.